Our Story


 Hey there, Bernard Huela here and I am grateful that our paths have crossed.
Thanks for checking out my blog page.

The purpose of this blog is to give you free helpful information, share with you the knowledge, the wisdom, the idea’s, and so many of the strategies I learned that have changed my mind in the areas of online business, internet marketing, social media advertising, blogging, web design and many more about internet… to help you expand your business, build and establish your brand, and hopefully improve the quality of your life.




We loved Teaching & Helping others How To Make Part time to Full time Income by starting their own business. We believe that to achieve the Time freedom and Financial freedom we’ve been dreaming, we should stop working for someone else and stop making them rich while we live from pay check to pay check.

We encourage You to Start Your Own Business too!

It’s wonderful to run a business centered around helping people, even one that follows a recursive pattern like helping people help others in the same way you’re helping them. If the demand for such work is there and if it truly benefits people, then this is a perfectly acceptable business model. In fact, We think it’s one of the more intelligent business models available. Why not help yourself by helping others?

Our Story

After 18 years of Rat Race and making others rich, we finally decided and started to work from home and earn from our home-based business.

We are now working full time from home and we earn from from selling our online products and other residual income coming from online businesses.

We’re a Renewed Christian Catholic and a member of Couples For Christ (CFC) and currently serving as
Sector Couple Coordinator of  Youth for Christ East B .


We love helping people by getting involved in their lives and helping them reach their goals. Once you have that trust, they will follow you in whatever program you are involved in. So, get involved with others and do both, sell yourself, and build your business. As Zig ziglar said “You can have everything in life you want, if you just help other people get what they want”.


His Story

I love to teach others how to leverage the internet world in the subject of Home Based Internet Marketing Business. I enjoy being with my family especially with my wife and four Kids, because they are my “True Wealth” in life.

I was an engineer by trade but decided to switch to entrepreneurship after internalizing the books (Rich Dad Poor Dad). I’m passionate about rejection-free, non-embarrassing, professional ways of doing Business.

Her Story

A Work At Home Mom with four kids (MAE, MARA, MARGA & MARCHE). I was born from the province of Catbalogan, Samar (Waray). An HRM graduate @ St. Paul College Quezon City and landed as full time Bakeshop/Store Manager after graduation but decided to switch to entrepreneurship.

To learn more about my story and passion in Baking, please click the picture below.



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