Do You Use Social Psychology In Your Sales Funnel?

One of the biggest hindrances marketeers feels these days is understanding the psychology of the customers. No one can read minds and tell what the customer is thinking or feeling. In order to comprehend what your audience buys, you need to learn the social psychology of the purchaser and this is where Sales Funnel comes in.


What Is A Sales Funnel?

Sales what? Never heard of it before? Let us break it down for you before we strategize further. Sales funnel is a model that includes a series of phases where an individual becomes aware of your company to become a buyer to become a loyal customer. To make this happen, you clearly need to learn a thing or two about your targeted audience.  Here is what you need to consider:

  1. Companies, products or facilities that your customer already buy or avail, so you can use similar marketing strategies to make your audience aware of your business.
  2. Reach them through social media. Most audience these days is more likely to be attracted by Instagram or snapchat or similar platforms.
  3. Utilize every bit of information available about the customer that is available at your disposal, therefore, making the customer attracted towards your marketing strategy.


But Why Do Social Psychology Matters In All Of This?

Social psychology is an elaborate observation of mental developments that lead to human behavior. It plays a vital role in determining our actions in daily life. This implies the significance of psychological principles and how they are aligned with the decisions of customers. This is what really good marketing champions do, they delve into customers mind to understand what triggered the customer to buy this specific thing. This allows them to develop a strategy and the best persuasion technique. So, in other words, the fundamentals of selling are grounded in the comprehension of the social behavior of the client. Even the wrong non-verbal cues from marketers can change the whole decision of the customer.

Conclusively, incorporating the principles of social psychology and employing sales funnel will not only generate leads and sales for your business but will also teach you to be considerate of your audience’s feelings and needs.


I think by now we have developed a basic understanding of Sales funnel and the optimization of social psychology into it. Now, it is time to strategize. We think that the following six points are the most crucial keys that you can integrate with your sales and you should definitely consider them:

  • Don’t Push Your Customer Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Most customers don’t like new changes and prefer to stick to the same old conventional ways. For example, a person who has been eating burgers from the same burger joint for 10 years would be reluctant to try out any other restaurant for burgers. The same analogy applies to other products and services. If an individual is hesitant to change, make him an offer he can’t refuse. Market your product to him by offering an unbelievable deal making it irresistible for the new customer to try out the product.

How To Use Social Psychology In Your Sales Funnel

  • Reciprocity

If someone does something nice to you without asking anything in return, you feel indebted to do something back nice for them too, right? Now assume the same for your business, the more you’re willing to be considerate to your customer by giving them more, chances are, they would be willing to do the same for you by giving back to your business. Whether it is something as small as a complimentary gift card or giving away something for free, give away whatever you can with the intent of pleasing the customer. This does not mean that this concept is money-sink for your business rather it is a prospect of being helping and open to your audience.

How To Use Social Psychology In Your Sales Funnel

  • Social Proof

Social proof has a lot of significance in marketing as the people care about ideas and likes of other people and are more compelled to do something if they see others like them doing it but let’s cut to the chase: Social proof is mostly about customer feedback studies, testimonials, reviews, etc.  Therefore, the number of satisfied customers you have affects your business deeply because new buyers will only be able to find your trustworthy if the reviews and testimonials on your site are positive if you have more likes and followers on social media and positive feedback from huge social influencers.


  • Test Your Funnel

Everything about your funnel including content, advertisements, social media, etc. needs to be examined from time to time consistently. Increase the marketing of products and services that are a constant hit and dial down the marketing of the ones that proved to be a miss. Sherman Standberry, CFO of LYFE Marketing, told me “a major challenge that many businesses face is generating meaningful traffic to their sales funnel. In most instances, they are not driving enough traffic and are not analyzing their efforts to generate top of funnel traffic to optimize their conversion rates.”. LYFE Marketing has a long history of PPC management services that focus on a longer tail, top of funnel strategies.


Read down reviews and blog posts about your services to know about the products that have been popular so far and try to improve the products that have failed to appeal the audience, even going as far to dropping down things that are not working out for your business.

How To Use Social Psychology In Your Sales Funnel

  1.  Be Tastefully Persistent

We all know that constant recurring ads and dire campaigns nagging people to buy can get annoying real fast. Design your marketing campaign easy to overlook yet attractive enough to provoke the attention of the individual rapidly. Make sure your landing-page appeals to the targeted demographic and instead of running terrible ads to market your products, you can:


  • Include short one-line reviews marketed by social influencers that people like
  • Put up your highest selling products with imagery and bold headliners
  • Make sure that your page looks well-designed. Select a sophisticated color plate that goes well with your content of the page
  • Offer a value-add such as 20% off on the first purchase that looks tempting enough for visitors to provide you with contact information so you can contact them again regarding your product.


  • Make Consumers Feel Like They’re Missing Out

When visitors see limited offers or other people purchases on social site, they feel like they are missing out. It is common for people to be compelled to buy something when marketeers trick them to believe that they are going to miss out on an offer or a great deal. This is an exceptionally convincing psychological tactic and creates a sense of urgency to buy a certain product before it is too late.



Conclusively, you don’t need to actually study social psychology to utilize it in a sales funnel as you can observe that basic human psychology is very prevalent in a person’s natural behavior. If you study the behavior closely and apply it to your products and services while carefully strategizing, you will notice an improvement in your sales eventually. There are plenty of other approaches that can be implanted based on social psychology regardless of the service or the product but key to accomplishing a successful sales funnel is by incorporating these strategies properly.

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